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The greatest possibility is just the beginning. Kartron is an inter-dimensional Being who, without limits in his work, facilitates the ascension of Earth and Humanity from the Divine Realms, while accessing the material world by projecting and expressing himself through a human body. By accessing both the material and ascended realms, he uses divine energy and power to help shift and prepare the world, time, dimensions, people, and "reality" itself into a higher divine possibility.

Currently providing sessions in the virtual world Second Life (, he offers spiritual strengthening techniques through guided meditations. Having done these public sessions since May of 2009, these sessions have been recorded in audio and text for your convenience, and are being archived on this website. They can also soon be heard via download on demand through Kartron FM.

We all have the power to change the world, now it is time to use it.

The Blessing Group is a public group for those who wish to bless the world with good and positive energy. By combining our energy, it creates a unified field capable of great influence.

We use Second Life to create and experience alternate reality. What happens if a Higher Being uses it to change the world?

Kartron is an inter-dimensional being gathering those who want to improve their Real Life. He teaches the processes of transformation.

Each Kartron session has a sharing of Higher Sciences, the unseen realms, and a focussed group blessing for positive change. We make the world better using our own God Powers.

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Patrick McCormick began his channeling work after going through a fundamental quantum transformation both spiritually and physically on Bell Rock vortex in Sedona, Arizona during the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987. 

Meeting his mentor and long-term friend that October, they embarked on a 25-year sojourn to re-establish the Divine Plan in Western America. Their Journey-of-Awakening the Original-Divine-Plan in fulfillment of ancient Prophecy began in 1989 in the Lemurian Mountain range known as the Hawaiian Islands. They have continually sought to improve the lives of those Beings of Light assembled in Hawaii to help bring Heaven to Earth ever since.

Experimenting with various forms of connecting/channelling various divine entities, essences and beings, Archaengels, Ascended Masters, Engineers from Motherships, Divine Councils and Heavenly Hosts, the Greater Work involved spiritual and physical transformation for the many people they came across.

In 1994 Kartron entered their lives, and thus began yet another chapter of working with the Heavenly Hosts to restore the Divine Plan for the Earth and Mankind, by correcting time itself.

In 2008 they entered into the unique virtual world of Second Life, and soon some of its residents began attending the Second Life/Real Life Kartron energy sessions, and that virtual fringe world became a vehicle of energy work for transforming their real lives wherever they resided in the physical world. Kartron does not just give information from the "other side," he conducts transformational energy work for spiritual improvements in people's lives.

Patrick remains available for private and public engagements, in continuance of the Greater Work. The current project involves activating the Ascension Series, designed to give God-Steward Training to those now awakening into their True Purpose aligned with Heaven on Earth again. He can be reached by contacting the party who gave you this information or at


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